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RHS trial of big perennial blue poppies (2010-2013)
Demonstration Beds at Holehird Gardens, Windermere, Cumbria

The Meconopsis Trial is to run from 2010-2013 and has been set up at Harlow Carr. To allow comparisons to be made in a range of different growing conditions, four "demonstration beds" have also been set up: two at other RHS gardens (Wisley and Rosemoor), one at a private garden in central Scotland and one at Holehird Gardens, Windermere, Cumbria.

First Report - summer 2010
The pictures, below, for the first report, were taken on various dates during the summer of 2010. The plants are lined out in two rectangular beds (Beds 13 and 14) in the Paddock area. Most of the plants were received by Holehird in June 2009 and planted out in July 2009 and most flowered in 2010. The remainder (MM. 'Jimmy Bayne', 'Bobby Masterton', 'Crewdson Hybrid', 'Susan's Reward', 'Lingholm' and 'Louise') were received in October 2009, and (except M. 'Jimmy Bayne', planted out a week later), kept in a frame and then planted out in April 2010. Apart from M. 'Jimmy Bayne' and M. 'Bobby Masterton', the plants received at the later date did not flower in 2010. The full range of plants in the trial are included at Holehird, and are growing satisfactorily, but not all are illustrated here. The red lines on the marker are 10cm apart.

M. grandis (ES104)

We are grateful to the Lakeland Horticultural Society, which is responsible for Holehird Gardens, for taking part in this trial. In particular, we wish to thank Pat Murphy, Bob Pearce and Alan Oatway who have the responsibility for Meconopsis in the garden - a remarkable garden run entirely by volunteers.

HH002 HH003 HH004 HH005 HH006

'P.C. Abildgaard' (left),
'Mrs Jebb' (right)

'Slieve Donard' (left),
'P.C. Abildgaard' (right)

'Crewdson Hybrid' (left),
'Inverewe' (right)

Part of Bed 13

Part of Bed 14

HH008 HH009 HH010

'Willie Duncan' (left),
'Stewart Annand' (right)


'Mop-head' (left)
'Marit' (right)

'Huntfield' (left),
'Barney's Blue' (right)

HH011 HH012 HH013

'Jimmy Bayne'


grandis (ES104)

Second Report - summer 2011
These pictures, taken in mid-April and before flowering (lower row) and during flowering in May (upper row), show how well the plants have established and are growing at Holehird

General views of the borders showing most of the cultivars in flower in June

General view before flowering
12th April 2011

General view before flowering
18th April 2011

Third Report - summer 2012
There was an RHS assessment visit to Holehird on May 29th. The conditions at Holehird are generally wetter than those at Harlow Carr. This may benefit some cultivars more than others. Plants in the George Sherriff Group certainly seem to thrive in these conditions. Many of the cultivars in the Infertile Blue Group Group are also growing well, especially M. 'Crewdson Hybrid' and the closely related M. 'Mrs Jebb'. Other notable performers include M. 'Louise' and M. 'Strathspey'.

HH226 HH227

George Sherriff Group

Infertile Blue Group

HH207 HH206 HH221 HH213

'Crewdson Hybrid'

'Mrs Jebb'