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Autumn sowing
« on: 09 December, 2019, 17:24:44 »
Having got into sowing the winter rosette forming species in late Ocober, I have now started sowing a few blue mecs ast the same time. First sowing was on October 26th with the seeds placed in a shady spot by the back door in a wall mounted plastic mini-greenhouse. The result is that germinations have already started. The first to appear was the mystery M. baileyi x latifolia which I am still convinced is distinct from pure baileyi and does have a colour which might be suggestive of latifolia in its parentage. However, the straight M. baileyi has a started to appear this morning only two days later - not enough difference to be sure that they are really different. (M. wilsonii and one of the staintonii forms also started to appear this morning).  All of them are now under a light in a greenhouse which is not allowed to drop below 5 degC  (alongside various S African Cape Province geophytes which were started with heat and also need autumn sowing - unlikely bedfellows).


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