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Title: Cathcartia villosa
Post by: Peter Kohn on June 03, 2018, 02:22:18 PM
I know Cathcartia is no longer a meconopsis but hopefully is still fair game for the forum ? I sowed seed from three different sources this year: my own and from Cluny sown in Late December (neither germinated at all) and from the Mec Group exchange in mid-January when I got three seedlings from a decent pinch of seed. Last year I have recorded that seed sown in February did germinate but I didn't record any seedlings getting to be pricked out. Has anyone tried sowing fresh seed or, perhaps sowin in October which seems to suit the winter rosette-formers ?
Title: Re: Cathcartia villosa
Post by: IanScott on June 21, 2018, 08:24:15 AM
Hi Peter,

Remind me later and I'll send you some fresh seed in late summer.  My plants seem to be doing well on a raised bed and are self-seedling. In fact there are two seedlings growing out of the brickwork of the retaining wall.  Maybe throwing some seed into your gravel path would do the trick! I remember that there used to be a great bank of it at Inverewe some years ago, but I don't think that it has survived.
Title: Re: Cathcartia villosa
Post by: Peter Kohn on June 21, 2018, 04:30:13 PM
Ian, thank you. I will try sowing seed from my own remaining plant fresh as well and see what happens. It hasn't self-seeded so far but I'm not sure how good my conditions are. Clearly nothing like as good as yours.

I doubt whether Cathcartia has survived at Inverewe. The whole garden was disappointingly depleted last week - not only did I see no Cathcartia, I saw no blue mecs either. And the former richness of herbaceous planting has evaporated.