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Title: meconopsis superba
Post by: Peter Kohn on 05 November, 2019, 17:39:40
There was a strand of discussion about this species but I can't find it now using the search window. I promised to post pictures of Meconopsis superba in Sheffield Botanic Gardens. I hope I succeed (I consistently fail to post pictures). We grow them with out protection here (as we formerly did at Kerrachar) so far without problems except an earlier generation here in Sheffield did not all make it through to flowering if they were not in the first group to flower. My experience has been that only some of a group of plants flower in the first or second year and potentially it should be easy to build up a continuous succession.

If the picture appears, there are six superbas at the fron and staintoniis behind. Need to clear the rosettes of leaves shortly.<br />( (<br />
Title: Re: meconopsis superba
Post by: Meconopsis_Matt on 05 November, 2019, 20:19:50
They look lovely and healthy Peter. My plant is in a rockery with pretty heavy clay soil underneath. I always need to sue a cloche in winter here in the south Glasgow area. The winter rain just rots them off. Your picture was fine.