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Title: Meconopsis napaulensis (true species) and high temperatures
Post by: Peter Kohn on 16 July, 2018, 17:27:00
I am interested in the experience of anyone else who is growing the 'true' form of this species. I got reasonable germination (8 seedlings from about 25 seeds)and it very quickly became apparent that the true leaves were very distinct from the other winter rosette forming species that I was growing (napaulensis{hort}, staintonii, wallichii and wilsonii). All of them have been grown on together in one of our 'shade cubes' and kept well watered alongside the rest of the plants in the nursery but whereas all the others are thriving, most of the 'true species' napaulensis look pretty sickly. This has only happened recently since the period of very high temperatures set in. Someone told me that temperatures over 30 degC are lethal to Meconopsis ?

Is it possible that these true species plants are particularly sensitive to high temperatures ? Do others agree about the temperature ceiling for growing meconopsis ? None of the plants in the ground have succumbed to the recent high temperatures but we lost a lot of young plants in the greenhouse on the day the temperature soared whilst we were away and someone had closed down the greenhouse ventilation - I think by the time we returned and discovered the problem the temperature had risen a long way above 30 degC.