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Title: M. betonicifolia x baileyi MGS#3
Post by: IanScott on 28 April, 2017, 16:43:36
This hybrid, which originally came as seed from Alaska, seems to be quite happy in my garden although the original dozen which I planted out three or four years ago had diminished to half that number by last summer.

However, this spring I notice that there are several new plant-lets appearing.  I could be wrong, but delving into the soil it would appear that these are stoloniferous.  Only one plant seems to be doing this, so perhaps others Meconopsis Group members might like to look at their plants and see if anything similar is happening.

If this trait has been inherited from M. betonicifolia, which is said to be stoloniferous, then it should be of interest for anyone breeding new clones.
Title: Re: M. betonicifolia x baileyi MGS#3
Post by: poppy girl on 28 April, 2017, 23:45:40
Hi Ian

Remember the ones in pots for Gardening Scotland from 2015?

 Only two days ago I had to remove what I thought was some sort of side growth growing almost over the edge and out of the 25 litre pot. It was very easy to remove and I did not need to massively cut away or anything. I did not consider what it was when doing it but now you mention this.... I have potted it on as it was so healthy. I did not pay much attention to what was happening in the rest of the pot but I shall check in the morning. Unfortunately I did not take a photograph.

I also still have the remains of one, after the frost, in the border today. It was one that was bought in the 50/50 plant sale at a meeting that you had brought them into the previous year. I shall check that tomorrow and see what is happening.

There must be other members who purchased your ones then who may still have them as you had brought in quite a few.

This actual plant was certainly looked at by members at G.S.
Title: Re: M. betonicifolia x baileyi MGS#3
Post by: poppy girl on 01 May, 2017, 22:27:13
I have checked both 'plants' I have Ian. The first big one in the pot that I mentioned before, that I removed the piece that was growing nearly out the side of the pot, looks as though it has another small piece a few inches away from the main plant.
I have checked the second one in the border that was frosted and only the main flower stem seems to have been frosted but it too is showing some small off shoots that appear to be healthy. There is a second plant next to the frosted one but there does not seem to be anything other than the main plant.
The piece that I removed from the plant in the pot now has a flower bud emerging.

You did say to me when I bought the little ones at the 50/50 that there could be a few small seedlings together but I consider that but the off shoots are too far away considering the original little plants were only in a three inch pot.
Title: Re: M. betonicifolia x baileyi MGS#3
Post by: Allan Jamieson on 21 May, 2017, 22:42:33
I bought two of these plants at the meeting in the Botanics but think that I got the smallest plants, they flowered that year and began to produce what looked like stolons with visible offsets growing close to the parent plant. Sadly they never came through the following year but the good news was that I managed to get some pretty good hybrids taking pollen from this plant onto what was supposed to be wild collected grandis. Some of these seedlings produced flower stems six feet high with some rather large flowers on them, quite a few didn't produce any offsets and never came through this spring but those that survived seem to be doing pretty well and are in full flower just now plus some of them seem to be stoloniferous too.
Title: Re: M. betonicifolia x baileyi MGS#3
Post by: Allan Jamieson on 21 May, 2017, 22:57:11
Hopefully this will work, it's been a struggle to get the image size as small as this from what it was originally! This is one of the new hybrids that I raised from MGS 3 photographed backlit in the evening sunshine with a reflector to bounce back some light onto the face of the flower.
Title: Re: M. betonicifolia x baileyi MGS#3
Post by: poppy girl on 25 May, 2017, 16:42:43
Hi Ian  Photograph from this afternoon.  You can clearly see some off shots from the parent plant. These were from the 50/50 plant sale. The off shoot from the parent plant in the big pot for G.S i already flowering.
Title: Re: M. betonicifolia x baileyi MGS#3
Post by: Peter Kohn on 30 September, 2018, 08:45:44
Just picked up this discussion.  I sowed MGS3 on 31stJanuary last year. It was extremely late in germinating (July 1st) and I was concerned that the plants would not be large enough to overwinter but in the event they were fine and having finally reached a decent size, I have recently planted three of them in the 'Meconopsis Dell' in Sheffield Botanic Gardens. No signs of stolons at this stage but the foliage is distinct from M. baileyi - coarser and hairier. I did plant a larger plant in my own garden and it flowered but then, like several other blue mecs, succumbed to the long hot dry summer despite regular watering and a shady site.