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Species / Meconopsis napaulensis (true species) and high temperatures
« Last post by Peter Kohn on July 16, 2018, 05:27:00 PM »
I am interested in the experience of anyone else who is growing the 'true' form of this species. I got reasonable germination (8 seedlings from about 25 seeds)and it very quickly became apparent that the true leaves were very distinct from the other winter rosette forming species that I was growing (napaulensis{hort}, staintonii, wallichii and wilsonii). All of them have been grown on together in one of our 'shade cubes' and kept well watered alongside the rest of the plants in the nursery but whereas all the others are thriving, most of the 'true species' napaulensis look pretty sickly. This has only happened recently since the period of very high temperatures set in. Someone told me that temperatures over 30 degC are lethal to Meconopsis ?

Is it possible that these true species plants are particularly sensitive to high temperatures ? Do others agree about the temperature ceiling for growing meconopsis ? None of the plants in the ground have succumbed to the recent high temperatures but we lost a lot of young plants in the greenhouse on the day the temperature soared whilst we were away and someone had closed down the greenhouse ventilation - I think by the time we returned and discovered the problem the temperature had risen a long way above 30 degC.
Members New & Notice Board / The Meconopsis Group Website
« Last post by poppy girl on July 15, 2018, 01:19:12 PM »
The Meconopsis Group website is being updated and may take a little while. If you search for it on Google it will say there is no content but please click on there and give it a few seconds to come in.   Please bear with us while we update to the new site and we hope it does not cause any problems for anyone. Thank you.
Identification issues / Re: CCX1519
« Last post by Blue Stu on July 11, 2018, 10:35:15 PM »
This one is definitely producing flowers with a pink cast. They are on the south-facing side of the plamt. Given that there may be a tendency for this plant to produce such flowers is the sun enhancing the effect similar to rosier apples?
Hybrids / Re: Double flowered Meconopsis
« Last post by Blue Stu on July 06, 2018, 09:55:23 PM »
What was it supposed to be?
What is the climate like in the area?
On my computer it shows up blue.

Hybrids / Double flowered Meconopsis
« Last post by IanScott on July 06, 2018, 07:27:46 AM »
(Posted on behalf of Tim Walsh)

I’ve attached a photo of an unusual “violet” Mec. that showed up this year from seed supplied from the Mec. group about 3 years ago. This “shorty” showed up with very double flowers and, at this point anyway, it has set one pod of seeds. From what I understand, “doubles” rarely come true from seed (if they germinate at all) and I’d love any advice from the membership…and would be delighted to share!

Tim Walsh, Curator
Moss Family Temperate Woodland Garden
Humboldt Botanical Gardens

(Seems to be a problem up-loading the image - will attach Tim's Double as soon as possible)

Sorry for poor quality of image - the petals are violet rather than blue - the forum would not accept the file despite my having scanned it with Norton to check. Eventually I had to re-photograph from the monitor screen and up-load the result.  At least you can see the doubling effect, even if the colour should be more like that in the bottom left corner.  Ian
Identification issues / Re: CCX1519
« Last post by Blue Stu on July 02, 2018, 09:13:24 PM »
The third one is now flowering. It is taller than the other two & hasn't got the russet colouration.
One of its flowers has a pinkish cast to it.
It was quite breezy today so getting a clear photo was difficult.
Species / Re: meconopsis integrifolia
« Last post by Blue Stu on July 02, 2018, 09:08:27 PM »
Yes its rules for the sake of rules, the trouble with us anarchists is we can never get round to organise rules.
Long live Wolfie Smith.
Species / Re: meconopsis integrifolia
« Last post by Peter Kohn on July 02, 2018, 12:34:54 PM »
We are intended to grow edible produce but nothing  'permanent'. So the plum trees whic we inherited and the rsberry canes and the globe artichokes are all in breach of the letting terms. We are allowed up to 25% of 'other' = grass or flowers. Fortunately the council can't afford to check.
Species / Re: meconopsis integrifolia
« Last post by Blue Stu on July 01, 2018, 09:08:53 PM »
I've never heard it was forbidden, one or two do grow flowers, but when I try to give stuff away I'm asked "Can you eat it?" and when I say "No not really", they decline it.
After all what is a flower? -Cauliflower? Broccolli? Any fruiting plant (tomato) has to have a flower first! Do you have to lift your potatoes before they flower?
What about edible flowers which are quite trendy?
Species / Re: meconopsis integrifolia
« Last post by Peter Kohn on July 01, 2018, 05:39:49 PM »
Are you allowed to grow flowers on your allotment. We aren't supposed to (but do).
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